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Working Group Area – understanding the potential

A GDF has to be built deep underground, in solid rock. The rock along with several other engineered barriers plays an important part in keeping people and the environment safe while the waste naturally becomes less radioactive.

A key task for the Working Group will be to identify a Search Area that RWM could then investigate as part of a Community Partnership.

Working Group map

Satellite map

As part of the process to identify a suitable site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) with a willing community, RWM has undertaken initial discussions with Lincolnshire County Council.  As a result of these discussions, the focus has been to consider whether the Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal Site (TGT) and surrounding area located within the administrative area of East Lindsey District Council, including the adjacent inshore area off the coast, has potential to host a GDF.

The results of these evaluations are available below

RWM has concluded there may be potential to host a GDF in the proposed area of interest. Therefore, RWM and Lincolnshire County Council have agreed to open discussion more widely in the community and formed the Theddlethorpe GDF Working Group.

The Working Group will initially consider the TGT Site and surrounding area within East Lindsey and the adjacent inshore area up to 22km from the coastline. In time, the Working Group will propose an area for further investigation.

Theddlethorpe GDF Working Group’s geology

Theddlethorpe is covered by Eastern England Subregion 2 in the National Geological Screening for a GDF study.

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Eastern England Subregion 2

RWM Initial Evaluation Report