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New NWS Report – GDF – Creating Jobs & Skills: a First Look

September 29, 2022

Nuclear Waste Services NWS, has published a new report looking at the long-term employment opportunities a GDF could bring: GDF – (Geological Disposal Facility) Creating Jobs & Skills: A First Look

Key points in the report include:

  • A GDF will create more than 4,000 jobs within the first 25 years, during the early stages of siting and initial construction.
  • Work on a GDF will carry on for about 175 years, creating jobs for generations, with an average of 2,000 jobs in any given year.
  • It is estimated that most of the jobs created during construction and operation could and should be locally based.
  • NWS is committed to training, support, and roles for the local community.

 Jon Collins Interim Chair of Theddlethorpe GDF Community Partnership said:

“I’m pleased to see this report being published by NWS, looking at the potential jobs and opportunities created by the requirements of a Geological Disposal Facility GDF.

“I recognise this is a national focus on the numbers and types of jobs that could be created with the hosting of a GDF, however further work is needed to identify the specific impact and benefits of employment at a local level.

“We want to commission local studies, tailored to the area of Theddlethorpe and Mablethorpe, and surrounding villages. This will explore the job needs for the area if the GDF were sited here, looking at the current skills base and highlight the opportunities for jobs, training, and skills development for future generations.

“The siting of a GDF here, could enable the area to diversify its workforce, with a variety of higher paid, higher-skilled year-round jobs. It could allow the region to develop local expertise, retain a young workforce and create a range of jobs through the supply chain required to support a GDF, and boost the wider local economy.

“I’m sure the Community Partnership will want to look at this report in more detail and will welcome the commitment from NWS that that there will be training, support, and roles for local people and that most of the jobs created during construction and operation should be locally based.

“We will continue to consider what this project and a local vision could bring for future generations of people living here. How businesses, colleges and training providers can develop the skilled workforce to meet the needs of this project and secure employment and investment for many years ahead.”