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Offering you different ways to speak to us

November 27, 2023

Hearing your views on a GDF

We are providing information and opportunities for you to get involved in the conversation, about whether this area could be the right place to host a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF). Working on our behalf the Engagement Team have been calling at houses in the Search Area introducing themselves and asking for your thoughts and advice on how you want to be involved in the conversation.

Your voice matters

A GDF can only be built if the community shows it is willing to host it and it’s important you have your say. You get answers to your questions and find out further information. We have had positive experiences with the people we have spoken with so far on the doorstep. Residents have expressed a range of views, from support for the project through to those firmly against, and many stating they are neutral and wanting to know more before forming an opinion.

Sharon Darley, Community Engagement Co-ordinator, explained.

“We have held events in the past and appreciate not everyone is either willing or able to come to these for whatever reason. There are, however, many ways to engage people and with this work we are bringing the information and the chance to have a conversation directly to them.  We understand that we won’t capture everyone and not every household will answer. Whether they are out at that time, at work, busy or do not wish to engage with the team. This is still an opportunity to reach those we can and there will be other engagement activities in future.”

Alternative engagement this winter

When it is potentially cold, wet, and miserable outside, we will not be knocking on doors to speak to you. We do not expect people to open their door and stand and have a conversation with the team. During this time, we are offering you other ways in which to chat and ask you a few questions.

Please phone 0300 369 0000 (9am – 5pm) or email and we can arrange the following:

  • A telephone call – time slot booked
    Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10am – 7pm
    Thursday and Friday 10am – 4pm
  • A virtual call over Microsoft Teams
  • A booked appointment at the Coastal Centre in Mablethorpe on Tuesday 10am – 1pm

Drop In

Come into the Coastal Centre if you wish to and ask to speak to a member of the engagement team on Tuesday and Wednesday 10am – 1pm.

Other opportunities will be made available. Details of these will be on our Get Involved page